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Deal with seize the opportunity formalities
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Deal with seize the opportunity formalities For you journey goes to the lavatory, if you are carried bulk exceeds 20X40X55 centimeter or odd a weight big more than 5 kilograms baggage, suggest you bale to baggage place (A building building of 2 doors, B 6 doors a side) chase bale. Pass safe inspection to make baggage successful, suggest you do not want as far as possible will two or many baggage binds to consign.
In value opportunity bar, you hold the effective passenger ticket that already decided appropriate seat and you effective identity document to deal with big baggage to consign, the formalities such as arrangement seat (clew: " national aviation safety guards byelaw " regulation, the passenger must not use airline ticket to be other incidentally baggage) . Domestic flight number ends deal with seize the opportunity before formalities time leaves station time for what state on passenger ticket 30 minutes, the traffic jam that asks your obligate to may appear and jockey what need time, do in order to ensure you can be inside formulary period of time to seize the opportunity formalities.