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Boeing 747 planes
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1969, boeing company delivery first 747 planes, up to now, boeing already consign 1261 747 planes. The sun that 747 planes are born oneself rises Boeing, become the biggest, range is farthermost on the world, hold the guest's most civil plane.

Since 1989, boeing produces 747-400 model only. 747-400 holds guest 416-524 person, the biggest range 13515 kilometers, the greatest takeoff weight 396890 kilograms, patrol speek of a ship or plane spends 0.85 horses conspicuous (910 kilometers / hour) . The other and basic data of 747-400 plane is as follows: The ala exhibits: Overall length of 64.4 meters of airframe: Height of 70.6 meters of rears: The width inside 19.4 meters of cabin: 6.1 meters

Because carry a guest to estimate big, range efficiency of far, fuel is tall, of 747-400 plane every mile cost is the lowest in all and civil aircraft. Current, boeing company is deriving type in what develop 747 aircrafts, in order to satisfy the requirement of prospective market.

End in January 2002, china shares 747 planes of 18 Boeing, among them 4 are 747-200, 14 are 747-400, be in entirely operation of China International airline.                                            

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