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Area of area of aviation accident law is watched
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The regulation of Warsaw convention

Mention aviation accident compensation, get certainly from internationally airborne (include to carry person and carry cargo) agreement " Warsaw convention " (Warsaw Convention) mention.
This convention is made 1929, share 41 articles. Made 1955 " The Hague draft " (Hague Protocol) revised " Warsaw convention " medium a few clauses.
Our country is Warsaw convention autograph makes an appointment with a country, consistent have " airborne law " (Carriage By Air Act) , law originally " Warsaw convention " with classics " The Hague draft " revise " Warsaw convention " income among them, make convention becomes Singapore administer the law of airborne respect.
Warsaw treaty clause (the 17th clause) formulary airline beard is flying to taking on passengers, take off to be in charge of with the casualties when descending.
Another clause (the 22nd clause) the compensatory demarcate that must pay airline place takes on passengers in every 250 thousand franc (Franc) less than.
The Franc in Warsaw convention points to French Monetary Unit formerly " franc " , every Franc is equal to long instead after 65.5 milligram purity the value of the gold of 90% , and the equivalence money that the golden price conversion when according to adjudicates is concerned country. Aviation industry person go to the lavatory to beg, regard this limitation as commonly about 70 thousand 5000 dollars (120 thousand Yu Xinyuan) .
Have afore-mentioned two clauses couple in light of, the effect namely: No matter why the plane has an accident, airline must compensate for what die or get hurt to take on passengers, nevertheless compensatory specified amount is every take on passengers to restrain 70 thousand 5000 dollars at most.
The compensation that a few airline offer the dead may exceed this limit, but the commercial decision that this is each company, warsaw convention did not set them so do.
In get the better of in installing aviation accident, getting the better of the compensation that how offers originally is every victim restrains 70 thousand 5000 dollars. This year in January, get the better of how to already reach compensation doubly about 140 thousand 5000 dollars (240 thousand Yu Xinyuan) .
If victim family member is accepted,get the better of installed compensation, they must abandon how taking the right that law acts to getting the better of. If be not accepted, according to Warsaw convention (the 29th clause) , they must be in from have an accident that day (namely 97 years on December 19) calculate how to put forward to sue to getting the better of inside two years when rise, and seek redress, spent effectiveness for a given period of time otherwise, cannot adopt law to act likewise.
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