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The bay circulates set (GULFSTREAM)
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The bay sheds company introduction:

Company of bay shedding space navigation is the famous manufacturer that large and luxurious, official engine produces on the world at present. Bought completely by current power company 1999, its are main the product is " the bay flows " series aircraft.

The first official machine that company of Ge Luman aircraft rolled out company predecessor to be business affairs application to design only 1958 " the bay flows " I; Left factory 1966 " the bay flows " II founded market of machine of large cockpit official business. 1973, e of · of A human relations. The product line that Bao Ersen bought a bay to shed a plane from Ge Luman company with 2 million dollar take-overed the bay circulates each plan, the bay shed a company to be born. Subsequently the bay shed a company to develop production early or late " the bay flows " III, IV, V official machine, produce only at present " the bay flows " IV-SP, " the bay flows " V series.
In June 2001, current power company controls a company of galactic space navigation (company of Israel aircraft industry supported next establishing in the United States 1997) hind, the Milky Way of this company, Asitela official machine joins a bay to circulate set and rechristen sheds 100/200 for the bay, increase a bay to shed the dimensions of official machine.

So far bay shedding company already produced many 1300 plane, apply extensively at orgnaization of civil, commerce, government, private, for military use each domains. Be in the United States among them " fortune " the magazine has the company that surpasses 1/4 to use in 500 the biggest companies " the bay flows " official machine.

Engine of official business of bay shedding series is main model:

"The bay flows " I:
Aircraft company produces Ge Luman of predecessor of bay shedding company. 20 centuries 50 time are prime, company of Ge Luman aircraft discovers the market needs administrative plane, the S2 that begins to begin the Chan Yi on development " tracer " the develop opportunity of survival of antisubmarine plane, but the plan fails, continued to develop 1957 according to client demand subsequently improve, form what use position of ala issueing sheet later " the bay flows " I, denominate is G.159 first.

On August 14, 1958 head fly. Because did not press normal procedure to undertake, head breakdown of the plane in flying process, in sky fuel system is shut, the plane had urgent crash.

Began to throw operation in October 1959.

"The bay flows " I-C: Lengthen, make 5 only, the plan did not win a success.

End 1969 stop production, symbiosis produces 200, at present still more than 100 is wear " the bay flows " I in use.
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