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Last graph - 144 will stand into reject
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The media that occupy Russia reported on June 5, if the plane is confused people near future collect is insufficient 10 million ruble (370 thousand dollar) if, last figure that puts only on that world - plane of 144 supersonic speed is about to enter reject to handle a station when scrap iron. This number is the plane of 77115 is on the world last graph - plane of 144 supersonic speed, master in Russia at present a metal reclaims in company hand. This company says, if be returned before June 17,nobody take out 10 million ruble to buy it, can handle when scrap iron only so. If collect became enough this money, can change it into an aviation museum.

Link: Graph - 144 histories

Began project design 1962. On December 31, 1968 first trial flight is successful (" assist and " head flying success was on March 3, 1969) . Achieved speed flight record 1970 2443 kilometers / hour (be equivalent to the velocity of sound of 2.35 times) . 1975 ~ undertake passenger transport flies between 1978. Subsequently Russia decides dead stop the passenger transport of this machine flies.

2006, remain last only, number 77115, enter final on June 17 processing to time.