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The plane is commonly used parameter paraphrase
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1. Pilot: Show aircraft nose is foremost ala of tail of Duan Zhifei machine carries the distance between finally.

2. Machine is expensive: When pointing to plane place area, the distance leaving the ground of plane empennage apogee.

3. The ala exhibits: Show the plane controls the distance between wingtip.

4. The greatest takeoff weight: Those who show what the plane sets on shakedown card this model the plane is allowable when take off the greatest weight.

5. The biggest land weight: Point to the landing gear according to the plane and airframe structure can susceptive bumps a quantity. By plane manufactory and regulation of place of civil aviaton authorities.

6. The plane is basic weight: Point to business affairs carring capacity (mail of passenger and baggage, goods) the plane weight that has made preparation of task of executive plane flight with the plane outside fuel.