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Noun of aviation English abbreviate explains
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ADF: Far  impaludism brights the? that mail inn indicates the trend of NDB broadcasting station

ALT: Be favored with?

AP: Is far  Fu grey?

ATIS: ? of Cui of Lian of  ∑  includes wind, visibility, the cloud, correction sea is pressed, use track is waited a moment

CHECKLIST: Plane of Hu Lv? takes off, climb, ping Fei, drop, what before landing, make examination

COM: ?118.0-135.95MHZ of blain of drunk sip low ㄑ , with Yu Liu empty dialog and ATIS are received

DME: Xi Ao? uses the space that measures DME stage

EFIS: Is Qian of male of Nai of A of Mian of  of Qiong of favour of Piao another name for Jiangxi Province right go is Dong low?

FLAP: Tailing edge of wing of? of large bamboo hat can turn part, use at taking off normally be born

GEAR: Xian Mei?


IAS: Pleasant investigate Zhang?

ILS:  Kou goes common of hack  ? says blind falls, include course path and glide path, guide a plane to come 60 meters of height

NAV: Drunk sip archives oneself?108.00-117.95MHZ of the inn that irrigate mail, use at receiving VOR/DME and ILS signal

NDB: Oneself サ of the Cui that receive mildew fines silk? can hear Morse is piled up

TRANSPONDER:  defends? of Gua of shape cadmium Υ to use 8 into make encode, position of automatic report plane

V1: This speed cannot interrupt prep above of? of Yu of fine of Chi cutout Tiao take off, will develop a runway otherwise

Vr, (Rotate) : Yu of bandit of Chi business  ?

VOR: ? of Hao of  Qu impaludism provides stable azimuth signal