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"Monthly income of 30,000 poor that can fly," Tips for booking air tickets als
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November 10 date, Zhu micro-sat 5 times a month aircraft. Aside from the trip for the full price tickets, the rest are low discount tickets, for just 3,000 yuan. In the inflation era, such as Zhu micro high-income earners, have begun to plan carefully. "Changsha lived most comfortable" Changsha, Zhu micro settled the decision two years. The ID address of the 47-year-old man in Sichuan, a set of 96 square meters in Shanghai Xujiahui real estate, 3 years ago, he rented a hotel apartment real estate, rent of 6,000 yuan per month charge and then pay the full amount to Changsha Gordon bought a set of more than 90 square meters of the central domain of real estate. The original plan, he just wanted to use this house to do housekeeping Changsha services. 1 year later, he decided to settle in Changsha. "I feel most comfortable in Changsha lived." Zhu micro quite proud of their choice. 10 years ago, Zhu slightly to 8,000 yuan starting to do domestic business, the country now has 12 franchise stores. Present his personal monthly income, plus the rent Shanghai real estate, about 3 million. Monthly income of 30,000 yuan, which for most of the people who live in Changsha, has been considered high-income class. But Zhu micro still think that some day a rigid. "At present, his son abroad to university, the monthly tuition fees, living expenses need 1.2 million. 1997 Florida area in Sichuan Quxian I 'adopted' by a man named Yao Jiangrong orphans, aged 13, is now about to enter junior high school. June 2008 , I was in Sichuan Shifang 'adopt' an orphan named Chen Yuehua. The two children, I need each month, 600 yuan to subsidize their living expenses. " Specifically looking for flights to take the money "The poor have only to fly it!" Is the mantra of micro Zhu, as he set the ticket most of the time cheaper than the train. Frequently between Shanghai, Hong Kong, Changsha, Zhu has its own money by the micro. "I do airlines have to sit, never go to a certain fixed points airline, because I think the discount cost-effective than the points." Zhu Micro said that his trip can often plan ahead, so enjoy discount tickets often do. He often went to "Where Net" and other places where ticket suppliers, "more than 500 ticket vendors in the competition, it is a true multi-line discounts. 99 tickets to fly to Shanghai, I also bought." November 10 to now, micro-month fly Zhu in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Changsha 4 cities, only spent 3,000 yuan, "the flight costs." Reporters forget about, and discount the former than the full costs of saving big thousands. "Yes ah, not a plan as early as early as cost-effective, 3,000 yuan only enough to run a city." Zhu micro very proud of this money to his accounts. Make cost-conscious business Zhu slightly familiar with the benefits of careful planning, so fine save money, make money to earn, "Road." For example, in promoting a "nanny," he often through a short conversation, the employer needs to determine what kind of service. He was a senior cadres in Hunan, one of three generations in the same time marketing the seven nanny. Early December, a Hunan businessman moved to a new house, and just add a pair of twin grandsons, Zhu recommended a total of slightly to the rich more than 3,000 yuan monthly salary of three nannies and a housekeeper to take annual salary. When the businessman said that staff is not enough, this time, Zhu micro unexpectedly only recommends a monthly salary of 1,600 yuan a nanny, "along the way, then, enough." Zhu reason for the recommendation of micro-rich always think clearly and logically. Zhu micro-rich think they are doing business, but not well-off he flies, usually travel is by taxi, car Cengceng partners is common. He does not think a car can save a lot of money for him.