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Ticket prices during Spring Festival in January quietly grab tickets in advan
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Since access to travel off-season, ticket prices continue to decline, many routes have emerged 2 to 3 fold the special fares. But also in the New Year period, there are still cheap ticket but with the approach of spring in mid-January next year, students leave school and return home with the increase in population, ticket prices will be a "great reversal", the discount will be increasingly less. It is where Network (www.quna.com) the person in charge, the most recent ticket price more generally buy tickets two weeks ahead of schedule 4 to 5 fold the special fares, the situation of lower ticket prices expected to continue of the month, from next month 10, the ticket prices began to rise slightly. According to reports, ticket prices next month, is the middle of the watershed, due to the winter break the students return home, a small New Year's Day and Spring Festival holidays, the triple impact of the aviation market gradually heating the air in late December will be rising rapidly, normally 2 to 3 fold cheap air tickets almost disappeared, most of the ticket discounts are more than 6 fold. From the beginning of the end of January early February near the Spring Festival period of time, ticket prices are generally high. With the rising demand for Chinese New Year rigid, ticket prices will increase. "The proposed home for Spring Festival to buy the majority of visitors to the best cheap tickets set to start now, last ticket prices start to rise, the travel ticket must set in advance." Where net charge, told reporters. Where net charge also told reporters that increase the risk of fraud as the Spring Festival tickets, we recommend purchase of the majority of passenger flight in an unfamiliar Web site must pay attention to whether the selected ticket agents have the China Air Transport Association (CATA) issued to the air transport sales agencies the eligibility certificate, airline tickets online black agent carefully in order to avoid being taken.