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Expo East end of the flight will be postponed trips down Fuhu discount tickets
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With the October 31 the curtain fell the Shanghai World Expo, the reporter was informed that since the end of the Expo tour, involving trips to Shanghai East China prices to go down, will soon fall back to the Expo will be held before the normal price, price per person per trip Rigby during the World Expo reduced by about 40%. The same reason as the end of the Expo travel, discount air tickets to Shanghai will be re-launched, which is more than six months re-launched in Shanghai flights discount air tickets. "Shanghai World Expo tour ended, a direct impact on the price of trips to the East, East tour prices have been declining and will eventually fall back to normal before the World Expo in price." 10 On 31 May, Kaifeng, Central China International Travel Service Branch is responsible for Wang Yu said one gram. Since the end of World Expo Shanghai, East China Tour will soon travel down to the price of 1,000 yuan per person, mainly due to cost savings due to reduced Expo tickets and prices, transportation expenses decreased. Ke Wang Yu Said the World Expo in Shanghai, as a result must be greater than for the reason, there is no discount flights to Shanghai tickets sold. But with the end of World Expo, the demand situation has undergone great change. Ke Wang Yu said that due to World Expo Shanghai World Expo will have a tour, after the end of World Expo, Shanghai tour is basically a land without a market. After the market forecast for the World Expo tour, Wang Ke Yu believes that the core appeal of the Expo has no longer exist In, according to Kaifeng tourism market situation, after the World Expo tour of the landscape can only be considered involved trips East foil, is unlikely to be a separate tour, but will not become a popular travel alone.