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"General Aviation" era of private aircraft "civilian consumption"
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The event of unexpected accidents ordinary people also can get fast air rescue, to a mid-range price of the car to open on a private jet flying - which is under the curtain 21 Sunset 8th hottest Airshow Topic. One can imagine the near future, one thousand meters below the blue sky, there will be "crowded" the air traffic characterized by low-altitude aircraft, general aviation era is coming. Not the same as the rescue services to benefit the National Recently, the State Council issued the "low-altitude airspace management on deepening reform of China's opinions", the industry said that this programmatic document will open China's general aviation era. General aviation refers to the so-called public air transport, military aviation civil aviation activities other than transportation, including those engaged in industry, agriculture, forestry, fisheries and construction and flight operations as well as health care, disaster relief, gas Such as detection, marine monitoring, scientific experiments, education and training, culture, sports and other aspects of flight activities, usually in the low-altitude airspace activities. If you use ground transportation to an analogy, is now flying on the domestic skies, one air To the equivalent of the bus on the ground; second aircraft is like a military vehicle. The general aviation is like buses, military vehicles of various types other than private vehicles, such as government official cars, taxis, ambulances and private cars. Asian Business Aviation Association, said Vice Chairman Liao Xuefeng, general aviation is not a rich patent, its contribution to daily life is very large. Example, people in remote areas, on their relief, rescue, disaster relief has Great help, "which can be seen from the earthquake relief answer. Yushu use of general aviation since the earthquake, less than four hours there have been aerial photographs, to organize rescue work is quite accurate and efficient." China Airlines Sun Yongqing Industry Development Association in Taiwan engaged in aerial photography, surveying the work of 20 years. He said that early in the air shot, aerial survey is the need for agriculture and forestry, along with economic progress, and now emphasis on engineering, Land development, map production. "Today, the field of aerial photography in general is to maximize the use of three-dimensional description can be terrain, topography and geological changes, which will have great disaster prevention and relief contribution." Sun Yongqing said. Opened on 40 million private jet, "flying house" is not a dream The development of general aviation will change our way of life, as the Cirrus Air Force Chief Representative of China Jiang said, "If you have a bike, action radius is more than ten kilometers, if you have a car, is on Hundred kilometers. But you have an aircraft, that is thousands of kilometers. "Deputy General Manager of China Aviation Industry Corporation Lifang Yong predicted, after the opening of low-flying, private aircraft market in China will have a" blowout "type of growth. In fact, China's civil aircraft demand is not low. Experience shows that when per capita GDP over 4000 U.S. dollars, the development of general aviation will be a breakthrough, the U.S. per capita GDP in 1968 to 40 $ 00, the general aviation industry, the early explosive growth. China's per capita GDP in 2009 was about $ 3,711, is close to the rapid development of general aviation critical level. Wenzhou Maritime Sports Association, Zhu Songbin airline said that early in 2005, held in Wenzhou Yueqing Aviation Club at the promotion of private aircraft types, 22 to the well-known merchants of Wenzhou aircraft manufacturing, sales Sale of the company ordered 22 private or commercial aircraft, the total amount of 133.2 million yuan, can be seen in the advanced economies, the private aircraft market is not small. "In the morning meeting in Beijing, Hangzhou West Lake tea in the afternoon, at the Hong Kong attended the reception." Zhu Songbin that describe life after a private jet. The consumption level of general aviation aircraft, but also with the car, Feng budget. Expensive million dollars, while cheaper, but two million. From our current market supply and purchasing power, the middle-income groups completely Have the ability to own a private jet. Hunan Sunward Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd., Qing-hua told reporters the calculations: It is now a small light aircraft are made of 100 yuan, the lowest of 15 million, driving license test According to the cost of 20 million or so, a total of less than 40 yuan can open on a private jet, less than the price of a luxury car. Zhao earlier sketch star Gulfstream business jet throw money to buy the press, has given way to public knowledge of the general aviation business jet's high-end level. Jet there are good living room, kitchen, bedroom, toilet and shower Bathroom, just like a "flying house." Reduce the "black fly" to "red fly" distance Market is mature, can the policy, and related construction has not kept up, at present most private aircraft has a "black flight" state. Zhu Songbin said to myself, for example, although various types of private aircraft 10, Robinson R44 and only received airworthiness certificates and other national airworthiness certificate can not be achieved this year in March because of the "black fly" incident of punishment is parked in Wenzhou Luote Wei Exec162F helicopter. "Black Fly" was mainly due to two aspects, one is complicated approval procedure, approval for a long time; the second is the "black fly" the punishment costs are not high, in between 10,000 to 100,000 yuan. Priority is to develop and improve the rules of private aircraft, including streamlining the approval process, the delineation of such routes. Lifang Yong said that in the next 5 years to 2015, the country's airspace, low level, should be there Limits and opening up, because they are not completely free-flying, will it be divided into constraints, monitoring, reporting categories. One thousand meters below the low level of liberalization will be higher, like highway repair after the demand for cars will be higher The same airspace as the automotive equivalent of open road, but for general aviation aircraft, helicopters in the air, road repair. Followed by the construction of related infrastructure improvement. This includes buying a plane to fly overseas, the stop where and how the balance sheet, how to fuel and other issues. Now the state has been in Shenyang, Guangdong pilot, and step through the construction Aviation airport or landing point. Zhuhai air show at this, a number of domestic airlines and private aircraft users General announced the formation of the sun navigation Alliance, plans to gradually form the airport and services all over the country support network to address Private jet landing site users, fuel, and other support facilities, if necessary, can also provide pilots, maintenance, flight operations support. Will also have to imagine the face of the accreditation, air safety, and many other issues. Only as much as possible to prevent all kinds of hidden dangers in place, private aircraft "civilian consumption" before the arrival reassuring.