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Constant passenger plans

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A lot of airline have constant fare plan. These plans can use the number of course of development that this airline flies according to the passenger, make the passenger gets travel freely or rising cabin or other encouragement. Choose constant passenger to plan to should notice relevant provision: If how many kilometer specific award needs? Whether does the award of every airliner have lowermost limit? Is course of development accumulated whether to have final time? Is course of development how of accumulative total? Book a scheduled flight when the passenger or deal with seize the opportunity formalities when, the passenger should offer the proof of him member status. The passenger couplet that boarding check and passenger ticket reserve after seizing the opportunity states till what get constant passenger plans, the course of development that indicates this journey already was in by correct accumulative total the passenger's account. If appear problem, should record the name of the person that speaks with the passenger and conversational content.


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