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Viatic trap

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If the passenger passes phone or mail to receive to promote,head for the passenger ticket of the extremely low price of heat of a certain travel, the passenger should make clear:

Is the price too favourable so that truthless? If so, the likelihood is trap.

The small card that others of streets and lanes sends out, do not have according to manage?

Whether to let a passenger make a decision instantly?

This airline is " main airline " , still be sale agent person tells a passenger an airline is combined only, and the plane that did not tell a passenger to which airline take?

Is sale agent person done not have or do not wish to tell you the address of their company?

If encounter one of above situations, want feel one's way. The requirement gives a written specification; Any legal representative firms can follow gladly. If they do not have a manual, that asks the time that comes two days considers carefully; If they request two kinds to make negative reply to above, probable to the passenger it is trap.


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