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Airline ticket exceeds carry out

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The circumstance transfer to a lower level that airline is not informing after after the passenger decides a ticket, was not bought or buying a ticket abandons a journey, create waste time of airliner seat empty thereby. Need to satisfy a travel of more passenger and avoid the waste of airline seat, airline can appear easily in the part on the airliner of seat empty bad news, undertake exceeding carry out appropriately. This kind of way is good to passenger and airline, also be the current practice of international aviation group.

Exceed carry out and do not mean the fare that already bought passenger ticket to cannot seize the opportunity surely, to exceeding the flight number of carry out, hold decides the passenger of the effective passenger ticket of appropriate seat, can embark on a journey below great majority circumstance. But fall in special situation, may individual passenger cannot embark on a journey on time. To the passenger that did not embark on a journey, airline adopts take into consideration the circumstances make up for measure.

Still must give without specific provision airline at present abandon ordering of one's own accord more or less is the passenger compensated. The passenger can negotiate with airline, obtain the price with acceptable both sides or other condition.


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