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Physical disabilities passenger

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Physical disabilities passenger is divided should be not rejected to carry outside special situation. When physical disabilities passenger needs special service, want to offer application to airline beforehand, airline can be offerred get on next plane, planes to reach join the assistance of the airliner serves, include personnel and equipment, airline should accept wheelchair to regard as consign baggage, but prohibit passenger proper motion carries oxygen.

The blind or the deaf person passenger that hold doctor proves agrees to be able to be carried via airline guide blind dog or aid listen to a dog to seize the opportunity. Guide blind dog or aid along with audition a dog its container and food, can be carried freely and do not calculate inside free baggage forehead. Take cabin guide blind dog or aid hear a dog, the mouth must be worn to cover before boarding a plane with drawing rope, must not take up the seat is mixed make its aleatoric run move. Install what carry inside hold to guide blind dog or aid listen to a dog to be accorded with even below the relevant condition about puppy.


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