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Seize the opportunity formalities

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1, deal with seize the opportunity formalities

The passenger ought to reach the airport inside the time limit that airline sets, reach its oneself by passenger ticket effective identity document deals with passenger ticket to check on time, consign the baggage, boarding check that get to wait seize the opportunity formalities. Flight number of most airline home is dealt with seize the opportunity the deadline of formalities is airliner plane before time leaving a station 30 minutes, field of large scale computer is 45 minutes, but some airports may be a hour or longer. International airliner is dealt with seize the opportunity the deadline great majority of formalities leaves before station time 3 hours in airliner plane. (the other formalities that international airliner deals with a government to set even) specific time with passenger ticket " passenger notice " in mention expressly to allow.

2, administrative procedures

The file of all discrepancy condition that the legislation that international airliner passenger should give a concerned state, regulation asks, healthy card and other credentials. Set related passenger nonobservance and make airline assumes fine of pay for sb and expect to be repaid later or of burden defray, the passenger should be in charge of repaying.

The passenger is rejected pass through the territory of a country or enter a country, will be nodded by carry back jumping-off place or other ground, the passenger should pay applicable admission fee. Use at carrying to come reject the passenger ticket that the ground is nodded or repatriate ground orders, airline does not grant to deal with refund.

Custom and need of other government official check the passenger's baggage, the passenger ought to show up. Any losses that the passenger does not show up and suffer, airline does not assume responsibility.

3, safe examination

Before seizing the opportunity, passenger and its baggage must pass safe inspection. Accompany the special fare such as passenger of children, ill incomplete, pregnant woman, blind, deaf person or convict without the adult, agree beforehand via airline below the condition that accords with airline regulation only and make arrangement rear grant carry. Contagion patient, madman or healthy circumstance may endanger oneself or affect the passenger of other fare safety, airline does not grant acceptance of consignment. Concern the passenger that the regulation cannot seize the opportunity according to the country, airline has authority to reject its to seize the opportunity, already bought passenger ticket to press processing of freewill return a ticket.

4, dangerous article

Carry board the plane or making use risk goods is illegal and breakneck, basically include the following kinds:

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