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Puppy is the enjoy pet such as the cat that shows the family is raised, dog. (wild animal is mixed a corporeal system is unusual the animal that perhaps hurts the character such as the person easily is like a snake to wait, do not belong to puppy) the passenger carries puppy must deciding or when buying a ticket, put forward, offer animal quarantine proof, agree via airline rear can consign. The passenger should be in seize the opportunity that day, press the time that airline appoints, puppy proper motion carry is dealt with to the airport consign formalities. International airliner still must have China and the effective certificate that puppy discrepancy condition or place of pass through the territory of a country carry to need about the country in carriage process.

The container of shipping puppy should accord with following requirement:

(one) can prevent puppy to destroy, escape and extend passenger, baggage or goods are injured beyond container.

(2) assure airiness, do not cause puppy to choke.

(3) can avoid spill of ooze of excrement and urine, lest pollute article of etc of the equipment on plane, machine.

The puppy that the passenger carries, divide via airline concessionary outside, uniform cannot put inside cabin to carry. The weight of puppy and its container should weigh the standard that baggage expends to collect fees alone by even more. Puppy is rejected to enter a country or pass through the territory of a country and cause get hurt, missing, incur loss through delay, sicken or death, airline does not assume responsibility.


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