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Passenger ticket losing

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The passenger loses passenger ticket, answer to apply for report the loss of sth quickly to airline or person of its sale agent with written form. Before the passenger applies for report the loss of sth, passenger ticket is like already was risked to use or risk retreat, airline does not assume responsibility.

Fixed passenger ticket loses, the passenger leaves station time one hour forward by airliner regulation in place after airline offers a proof, airline can reissue to decide the new passenger ticket of the airliner formerly. The passenger ticket that fills cannot deal with return a ticket.

Nonsked passenger ticket loses, the passenger should make work in time to what buy a ticket formerly report the loss of sth of the application after ticket place offers a proof. Was not risked to use via check passenger ticket or risk retreat, wait for passenger ticket period of efficacy (it is normally a year) full inside 30 days after, conduction refund formalities. International passenger ticket should be dealt with inside the time limit that airline sets.


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